Monday, September 29, 2008

Declamation piece: The Fetus in the Stomach

Last night, I had a strange dream. I dreamed that I was a tiny dot in the womb of my mother. Formed by love, and blessed by the Lord. I could not see, I could not hear, but I could feel that I was loved. Embrace by the warm tenderness of my mother's flesh.

Here, I breathe on my mother's breath!
Here I fed on my mother's food!

Oh what a place to live! Oh what a place to grow! I was extremely happy in my little world. Believe me, it was happiness beyond compare.

In God's time, I was a tiny dot, no more. I grew, and grew, and grew. Caressed by parental affection. I wanted to say, thank you mother, thank father, for your love, thank you for my life.

One day, I heard splashing sounds, and boyish laughters. I can hear! I can hear! My heart was filled with joy! I kicked and kicked in celebration. Then, I stopped. I heard a sweet voice saying, "Mark, Joe, out of the bathroom now! You might catch cold!" I thought, she must be my mother. Yes, indeed, she was my mother. The two boys, Mark and Joe answered, "Yes mama!"
I echoed in the silence of my heart, "Mama, I love you, Mark and Joe, I love you! Wait for me, my brothers, we will climb the guava tree in mama's garden together soon."

On another day, my father cam home and told mama, "I have the results! It's a girl!"
"I am a girl! I am a girl! I am the only girl! Mark and Joe, you will have a loving sister! Mother, Father, I promise, I will be a good daughter! I will make you happy parents!"

But one evening, deep in the night, I heard my father and mother, talk about hard times, "Rising prices of gasoline! And food! High cost of education!'' My father cried aloud, "How can I support a family of three children?!" I was shocked! Am I an unwanted child? Oh, yes that was what my father had meant!

Oh no, father, please, mother, love me as you love Mark and Joe!

I shouted, I shouted again and again, "Love me, love me please!"
I kicked, I kicked again and again for my mother to get the message!
I cried, I cried again and again so my father and mother would pity me!
I prayed, I prayed again and again, "Lord, I want to be born!"

My father came home, late one evening. He told my mother, "Here are pills from the health center, take one for thirteen days." I was afraid! When the first pill was taken by my mother, the nectar in my mother's milk, turned bitter!
Oh, God! Pills to murder innocent babies! Unborn but with life!
Father, mother, why are you doing this to me?! Do you not love me? Do you not pity me? Love me as you love my brothers!
Father, you said you cannot support a family of three children, are you killing me just so Mark and Joe will live?
Father, mother, brothers, I do not want to die! I want to be part of you! I want to wash your clothes, I want to cook your food, please do not kill me!

How cruel, how cruel! I cannot defend myself, I cannot run away to avoid the pills poison! I cannot spit it out for my lips are weak and tender!

Somebody, Help me! Nobody cares. I want to live! But nobody cares. I want to be with Mark and Joe!

Then, I felt unbearable pain. I became weaker, and weaker. I was dying little by little. I want to live! But I could breathe, no more. Father, mother, you have murdered me, but I love you--Mark, Joe, good luck my brothers, I am sorry, but I can no longer climb the guava tree in our mother's garden...I..I...(deathly, but audible whisper..)


Hazel Faye Dizon said...

ur declamation piece really helped me in winning our speech fest in the school.
thank you a lot...
the piece is really unique and touching...

Virgille Joy said...

I just came by your piece. i appreciate murder pieces. and i really have to say it was damn good! it was great and touching..
simply amazing :)

Mahalaleel said...

hi do you know some piece for my declamation..? I hope you can help me.. I also like this..

LianeLilyGummy said...
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LianeLilyGummy said...

Do you know of a declamation wherein the story was about a girl raped by a priest, causing her to commit suicide? All can remember is that it had lines that goes... "Father Francis raped me!" towards the end of the piece. Please post it if you do, I badly need it and I can't find it in the internet. Thanks in advance

Marian VHees said...
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Marian VHees said...
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Marian VH said...

Hello girl... I love your piece. Can you help me? Do you know the piece entitled "THE UNWANTED CHILD"? The only lines that I could remember is the very beginning... here it is"
"Dear mama, I know you will be surprised to receive this letter from me. I'm now three months old, living under your heart, as big as your thumb but already a real person".
Appreciating for your help...


pwedi ko ma now kong anu sha mag speech ni tnx..

Krishna Faye Abenilla said...

This declamation piece proves that each one of us should be thankful that we were given the chance to be born. No matter how painful our moms knew it would be, they still chose to do it. So no matter what pain we thought our moms caused us, we should still be grateful that they let us live.